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Elaborate Korean Baseball Culture 한국의 압도적인 야구 경기 문화

The baseball game that everyone had missed for so long throughout the pandemic is finally back for us to watch live. For around 2 years, the baseball games had all been watched through live broadcasting. Now that everything is almost back to normal, people can finally experience the lively atmosphere that can only be felt at the scene. Check out some of the elaborate Korean baseball cultures.

1. What is it like? 야구 경기 관람 분위기

A South Korean baseball game has drumbeats roar and electric music (음악) playing as people swing to the rhythm (리듬) together dressed in uniforms (구단 유니폼). It is somehow like a rock concert (록 콘서트).

2. Cheer Culture 응원 문화

The cheer (응원) culture in Korea is very important as much as the game itself. Fans of the baseball game will wear team uniforms and hit balloon sticks (풍선 막대기) to cheer for the cheerleaders (치어리더) dancing. The cheerleader (치어리더) are in charged of leading the crowd in between every inning.

3. Cheer Battle 응원 배틀

This is another culture often seen during baseball matches (경기). It is also as important as the cheer culture. There will be a cheer master (치어 마스터) who is responsible for leading the fans during song (노래) and dance routines. It also said by Koreans that mass (대규모) cheering gives people a sense of togetherness (단합심).

4. Fan Chant 응원가

The baseball fans will always have their own unique (독특한) song as well as short and catchy (짧고 기억하기 쉬운) chants for their favorite team. The song is sang for the star player of their desired team. The fans will sing the signature song when the batter (타자) is up to hope for an infield hit (내야 안타). The baseball games tend to feel like concerts due to the constant stream (흐름) of different songs.

5. Snacks 간식

The most eaten snack during a Korean baseball game (야구 경기) is of course the most favorite food of all people, chi-mac (치맥), a combination of fried chicken (후라이드 치킨) and beer (맥주). Other types of snacks include grilled pork barbeque (삼겹살) and tteokbokki (떡볶이). Food is also an important role during a baseball game to enjoy a perfect (완벽한) baseball game course .

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