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5 Popular Male Archetypes Seen In Korean Media 한국 TV에서 자주 보는 남자 스타일 5가지

Korean dramas are known for including characters that may have different looks or names, but have similar personalities, style or ‘live stories’. These are some of the common male archetypes you will see in Korean media. Do you agree? ?

1. Ulzzang 얼짱

Ulzzang stands for “ulgul zzang” (얼굴 짱) which means the “best face” Few idols who were “Ulzzang’s” before debut include EXO’s Sehun (세훈), CNBLUE’s Yonghwa (용화) and Monsta X’s Wonho (원호).

2. Momzzang 몸짱

Momzzang is the abbreviation of mom (몸) zzang (짱) which means body and best or best body. This type refers to those who have a great body, six pack abs (복근), ideal height (키) and weight (몸무개). Examples of this type of guy is Rain (비) and 2PM’s Taecyeon (택연).

3. Chadonam 차도남

Chadonam is an abbreviation (약어) of “chagaun dosi namja” (차가운 도시 남자) which means “cool city man”. It refers to a man who seems cold (차가운) and aloof (쌀쌀한) on the outside (겉으로), but on the inside is warm (따뜻한) and caring. This look is generally associated with men who are wealthy and lead a life of luxury.

4. Kkadonam 까도남

Kkadonam stands for “kkachilhago dodohan namja” (까칠하고 도도한 남자) which also means a “rude (까칠) and arrogant (도도한) man”. This kind of guy is also cool (멋있는) and stylish (세련된), but even more unapproachable (접근하기 어려운). One of the best examples of this type of man is Hyun Bin’s (현빈) character Kim Joo-won in Secret Garden.

5. Ddasinam 따시남/ Ddadonam 따도남

Ddasinam means “ddaddeuthan sigol namja” (따뜻한 시골 남자) which is a warm countryside man while “ddadonam” means “ddadeuthan dosi namja” (따뜻한 도시 남자). Examples of a warm countryside man is Kim Seon-ho (김선호) from Hometown Cha and a warm city man is Jang Ki Yong (장기용) from Search: WWW.

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