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Top 5 Famous Korean YouTubers

Created in 2005, this incredibly huge platform YouTube is used and loved by many; providing endless entertainment and information for everyone. Did you know that in 2018, YouTube managed to pass KakaoTalk in terms for the amount users and stay time? It’s no secret that YouTube has grown even more in Korea, so here’s a list on the top famous Korean YouTubers that you might or might not know!

1. Heopop  (허팝)

Heopop gained his real fame with his wacky science experiments (과학 실험) but he has done various contents like gaming (게임), vlog (브이로그), travelling overseas (해외 여행) as extra contents for fans, as well as unusual experiments. With a whopping total of 3.74 million subscribers (구독자), Heopop first started his Youtube channel speaking only English with the intentions of improving his English skill (영어 실력). However, as he gained more subscribers he decided to use Korean so he could broaden the types of his contents. Heopop is also well known for donating to charity. The most recent donation he made was handing out 10,000 face masks (마스크) to those in need in the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. 보겸 BK

Bokyem (his name in Korean) started his channel playing games (게임). He now has a number of 3.96 million subscribers. However, he now does anything he desires like mukbang (먹방), vlog (브이로그), games (게임), tech (테크놀로지) and more. But bear in mind that he doesn’t do it like any other people (다른 사람). He would do mukbang videos after starving for 30 hours. Sadly not all of his videos have English subtitles (영문 자막) but there are a good number of those that do so be sure to check them out!

3. PONY Syndrome (포니)

Pony is one of the most famous makeup (메이크업) artists in Korea. She’s not just a Youtuber, but is also a CEO (대표) who owns a product line called Pony Effect. Not only is she an expert in makeup but also a trendsetter. She was listed in Forbes (포브스) 30 Under 30 Asia in 2017 for her make-up career. Pony started to get more attention when people found out that she used to be K-Pop star CL’s makeup artist. Pony now has 5.77 million subscribers.


4. Boram Tube Toys Review (보람튜브 토이리뷰)

I can bet that every child in Korea has seen Boram’s videos at least once in their life. With 13.9 million subscribers, this Youtube channel is about cute children who play with and review toys (장난감). They have dubbed their voice to English so you can easily understand them. Most of the videos are under 10 minutes long but a lot of the longer videos feature multiple kids. The videos are mostly real-life segments and reaction (리액션) videos, but it is unclear who the true owner of the channel is.

5. 1Million Dance Studio

Now, who doesn’t like a bit of dancing? Lia Kim is the founder (설립자) and chief choreographer of 1Million. She started to upload videos of her dancing and now runs a popular dancing school (댄스 학교) in Seoul. This Youtube channel (채널) has 22.8 million subscribers and currently, they have 15 official instructors (강사) and they often choreograph a number of K-Pop choreographies (안무) like Mamamoo Hwa Sa’s Maria and Everglow’s debut song Bon Bon Chocolat. They upload their dance practices with their students and sometimes even with the celebrities (연예인) whose choreographies they choreographed for.

Are there other Korean YouTubers that you like? We hope that you discovered something new in today’s blog and that these YouTubers here will make it to your watch list!

Also, did you know that Yoon Ssam has his own channel too? Be sure to subscribe for more Korean learning videos.

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