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Creepy Internet Mysteries From Korea : The Cryptic Art From An Extreme Loner

Hello again everyone! Today, we are back with another Creepy Internet Mystery from Korea. As you can tell from the title, it talks about the potential dangers of not having any friends. This case is rather a very interesting one, so we hope that this is a fun read for all of you. Warning : not for those who easily get creeped out!

In a villa apartment in Korea, there were two people living in it : a mother and a daughter. The mother was 51 years old while the daughter was 21 years old. According to the landlady, the mother was very consistent with paying the monthly rent of the apartment until one day, they did not see the mother anymore. Eventually, the payment for the rent stopped.

The landlady felt that something was a little off, but she kept waiting a little longer as this was during a really extreme heatwave in Korea and the mother’s and daughter’s unit had no air-conditioning. As time went by, some of the neighbours were complaining that there was a strange smell coming out from the pair’s unit and that there were even flies.

The rescue team was contacted to check up on the mother and daughter but they found that there was rope tied to the front door from the inside of the house, meaning that they did this on purpose so that no one could come in. As for the windows, they were all shut completely so there was no ventilation at all; only a fan was on when the rescue team entered the house.

They saw the mother and the daughter lying down together side by side, looking rather peaceful. Turns out, they were both dead. An autopsy was conducted but the results showed no usage of drugs in their systems or gas that was inside the house that could’ve lead to self-harm. So the main question was, how on earth did these two pass away, and so silently at that? You might be wondering, did they starve? Well, that was considered but it was very unlikely as a lot of bags of rice and food were found in the kitchen.

Professionals claim that this was one of the very unique cases they’ve ever encountered, just two people lying down peacefully in a room dead; without any further evidence. Kim’s (the surname of the daughter) mother was said to have had sold rice on the streets to make ends meet. So, the authorities asked the other sellers on the same street if they’ve ever spoken to the mother before they said that they’ve never talked to her nor has she bothered to talk to them.

The biggest part of this mystery is that inside the apartment, there were so many drawings of just a lot of strange, cryptic messages. Su Jeong, the 21 year old daughter who passed away, some of her old school friends said that she was an amazing artist and she was a very bright person who smiled and talked a lot to everyone. She was a social butterfly who got along well with her classmates and other kids in her school. However, it was only towards the end of high school when everyone had graduated, no one really knows what happened to her after.

These are pictures of some of the drawings that Su Jeong drew before moving back in with her mom after graduating high school :

Drawings of Su Jeong after moving back in with her mom :

After moving in with her mom her style of drawing started to shift into this really creepy vibe. Most of the drawings consisted of babies. It was almost like she was drawing about life – life being developed, people getting married, pregnancies.

There was also a big ‘X’ drawn, possibly to show the end of life. According to psychologists, this all doesn’t come from one’s normal thoughts rather from someone who had their mind broken down : something traumatic has happened to them which caused the person to feel this way.

The most information that authorities could retrieve from this family was that a long time ago they used to live in this other old villa. The mother would purposely leave the house, tape the door shut, not letting her daughter come in and would just leave, going somewhere else. With that, the daughter was forced to wait outside for hours until very late at night just for her mother to come back. Apparently, this was the mother’s way of disciplining her kids which absolutely doesn’t make any sense.

In one of these episodes, a neighbourhood ahjussi, approached Su Jeong while she waiting for her mom outside their house and pretended to help her which apparently caused the girl to be violated by this man. Professionals believe that maybe because of this incident and then moving back in with her mom after high school caused a trigger to Su Jeong’s old memories which were once repressed. They said that maybe that’s one of the reasons why she was drawing all these dark, cryptic messages.

But, it was found out that most of these drawings were not by Su Jeong herself. They were drawn by the mother. The mother was also talented in painting and drawing but her drawings told a very, very interesting story. These drawings according to the professionals, you can’t really tell who is who. So, the mother was drawing her and her daughter but it seems that it’s almost a mere reflection of one another. Was this probably a way of the mother describing that her and her daughter are one? That they are one person that she can’t really separate the two?

Apparently, when Su Jeong was in elementary school neighbours and family members called child protection services and she was taken away from her mother to live in a facility as the mom was not capable of taking care of her child. So, all through middle school and high school the girl grew up away from her mom and they said that while Su Jeong was in the facility, she was completely normal : a very bright, lovable girl who did well in school.

With that, the mother was supposed to visit Su Jeong from time to time in the facility but she had this really stalking personality and she was stalking her own daughter at every chance she could get. The mother would go to Su Jeong’s school and art academy to try seeing her. Teachers from the art academy who saw Su Jeong’s mom said that the mother wore normal clothes, had no makeup on; but in her drawings you can see that all the women she drew were very glamorous : sipping martini, wearing fancy clothes, living in a new apartment.

After Su Jeong finished high school, the facility told her that since she’s already 18 and an adult they cannot take care of her anymore. Due to that, Su Jeong had no other place to go so she had no choice but to move back in with her mother. This is when she starts drawing these dark pictures. The question till this day is, what happened when she moved back in with her mother?

How can a bright, healthy young woman who was living normally under the cares of the facility suddenly have these dark, twisted thoughts? Did the mother say something to trigger something in the girl’s head?

Evidently, Su Jeong once had a younger brother and he was also living away with another family for a long time and he claims that his mother actually had depression and other conditions and was admitted into a mental hospital. That could be one of the missing puzzles in this mystery.

The really sad part of this case is that when the police dug into the mother’s bank accounts, she only had $7 left. She couldn’t really support her daughter and it seemed like the 21 year old daughter also couldn’t support her mom and herself as well.

So, the big question lies : how did these two pass away? Was it due to heatstroke? Since it was already concluded that there are no drugs and toxic gasses in their systems? Or did the mother potentially do something to her daughter when she was asleep?

Another mystery is what was she trying to say through her art? The documentary 그것이 알고싶다 (geu-geo-shi al-go-ship-da) concluded that how could we, as in outsiders actually help someone like the mother and the daughter? Someone that is struggling internally, who doesn’t have any friends, that doesn’t talk to anyone. How can we help these people?

This is a really sad case. Both the mother and daughter couldn’t reach out about their struggles maybe due to a possible mental condition or maybe they were just scared of the outcomes of being exposed to other people.

What do you think of this case? Do you have an idea or a theory of your own on how these two died? Let us know! If you had fun or felt the creepies running down your spine reading this blog, we have another one that covers a different internet mystery in Korea, regarding a 17 year old’s death.

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