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4 Types of Blind Dating in Korea

Blind Dating, which is known as 소개팅 (sogaeting) in Korea is really popular and common amongst people who are as single as a pringle and is looking for love or just a possible friendship.

As most of you know, in most countries eg : America, Malaysia and India, blind dating is not really considered a taboo like “OHH! DISHONOUR ON YOU DISHONOUR ON YOUR COW!”

It's not that serious of a crime, however it's not as common as how it is in Korea.

So…how does all this blind dating work? Well, in Korea at least.

Usually it's people from the ages 18 onwards who jump on the bandwagon.

Some have their own reasons for finding romance but most of the time it's for them to enhance their social skills before entering college or while in college or when starting a new job at a new company.

See??? Blind Dating is not entirely a bad thing!

By doing this, you'll be trained to handle whatever awkwardness from meeting a complete stranger. You have to look at it from a positive perspective 😀

Okay hurry up and call your grandma, or mom. Or aunt.

Tell her this is not bad thing!!! LOL

Moving on with how to get started with all of this 소개팅.

KakaoTalk, which is Korea's top mobile messaging app is the biggest platform where most people, specifically the youngsters have their daily conversations with one another.

Through that app, they also communicate with whoever they're currently flirting with or crushing on; using cute emoticons and stickers and just sending the sweetest stuff!

If you ever get lucky in the blind dating system in Korea, just know that your other half will be texting almost every two hours; asking if you've eaten or what you're doing at the moment.

Remember to text back instantly if you can, because they might assume your silence as a form of rejection 🙁

The chatting on KakaoTalk can either be before the date, where the both of you had just exchanged ID's and are discussing on where to meet and what to do for the date.

How can your ID's be known to each other already? Hang on, I'll get to that shortly.

Next, talking on KakaoTalk can also happen AFTER the blind date when you two make the decision that you like and enjoy each others' personalities and you want to keep in touch for further hangouts!

Now is the real talk. What are the types of blind dates and how do the youngsters in Korea get the chance to go on one?

Well, based on the research I have done the most common ones are these 4 ways!

소개팅 sogaeting

미팅 meeting

맞선 matsun

번개팅 bungaeting

Without wasting time…LET'S GET THIS BREAD!! :O


소개팅 – sogaeting

Starting us off is our dearest sogaeting.

What usually goes down in sogaeting is where two strangers meet for the first time at a public place.

They were either introduced by a mutual friend or they found each other on the street (I'm getting to the point, hold on).

Normally, the dates will be at cafes.

Literally. Most of the time, it's at cafes.

Remember when I said the chatting on KakaoTalk can happen even before meeting each other for the date?

Well, did you know that as much as it's weird for others in different countries to just approach a random stranger on the street, it is somehow already considered a norm for the youngsters (basically anyone else) in Korea.

Honestly though, why must it be weird? You find a person attractive?

Go on and make yourself known to them. As easy as that!

In Korea it's not only the men who do so but also the ladies as well.

Let's say no to gender roles yay!

That, and they will introduce themselves following with the asking of the person's number and/or KakaoTalk ID. Much fancy, very wow.

If the persons says they already have a partner then no hard feelings.

They just apologize and continue on with their day.

If the person's single, then you know what happens next.

The discussion for the date! I hope that answers your question.


미팅 – meeting

Now, even though this can more or less be considered as blind dating in Korea, it is actually more of a group hangout rather than a one to one session.

How these “meetings” work is 2 groups of friends will meet up for food, drinks, or both and maybe even end the day with various fun activities such as going to arcades or just playing games to get to know each other more.

Usually, these kind of outings are planned by either one or two people from each group.

This type of blind date is the less stressful and more fun alternative in Korea if you're the type of person who does not do well with having a one to one encounter alone with someone new.


맞선 – matsun

Alright, let's dive in straight to the point.

The meaning of matsun is “matchmaker”.

Again in the category of blind dating, but usually it's arranged by an ACTUAL matchmaker.

Sometimes, even by certain relatives (usually it's the nosy aunts, grandmas and maybe even our own moms :O).

It's always because we are getting “older” and it's worrying them *exaggerates* wHat IF yOU DiE siNGLE and there's no GRANDKIDS OHH NOOOOO 🙁

Yep, we can all relate.

Thank you 이모, 엄마 and 할머니.

Most of the time from the nosy aunts', moms' and grandmas' point of view, they set the youngsters up in hopes of a possible marriage.

The perfect candidate will either be their best friend's son or daughter or nephew or niece.

In other scenarios it can also be their best friend's colleague's kid.

Complicating huh? Pfftt. This is usually only the beginning.

Prior to that, on the first meeting the couple will have discussions; cutting straight to the chase about each others' family background and education, all that stuff.

If the both of them fit each others' standards then yeah they continue the whole dating thing if everything works out. No pressure, no biggie. (can you hear me screaming from a distance?)


번개팅 – bungaeting

Aaannnnddd finally! The last one.

Ladies and gentlemen here is bungaeting, which is where the people meet through dating apps such as AMANDA, NoonDate and Simkung.

Basically, with dating apps like these people get to “meet” virtually and exchange KakaoTalk ID's, Instagram accounts and maybe even Facebook if they want.

The planning for the date then happens after that. YEET!

For a deeper insight, 번개 means “lightning” so in a way bungaeting is like to see how fast can one get and plan a date.

As fast as lightning. Interesting huh?

Whatever happens after is pretty self explanatory.

If it goes well it's good, if it doesn't then they just stay friends and go on another date with another potential person and blablabla hehehe~~

This concludes the blog today!

Leave a comment below if you found new things or any other interesting points from us, share this post and remember, ONE date doesn't necessarily need to be “the one” or your soul partner (seoul partner hehehe) right away.

That's the whole point of meeting new people and making new friends everyday!

You do you and the right person will definitely find their way to you; no doubt. Thank you for reading!

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