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Hangover Cures Korean Swear By 한국인들이 절대 믿는 해장 요리

Korea is known to be a country where its citizens practise dinner gatherings after work and drink alcohol a lot compared to other places. However, they always seem to be able to overcome severe hangovers easily. Here are 6 hangover cures Koreans swear by.

1. Bean Sprout Soup (콩나물 국)

Bean Sprout soup was voted (투표) number one for food hangovers craved after a night of heavy drinking (과음) among office workers (회사원). Many restaurants serve this dish in Jeonju (전주) style in an earthenware pot (도기 사발) with rice. It is usually served with a side of moju (모주) which is a low alcohol drink prepared by boiling makgeolli (막걸리) and other medicinal herbs.

2. Dried Pollack Soup 북어국

Dried Pollack Soup is a mildly seasoned but flavorful hangover (숙취) soup. A classic dried pollack (명태) soup is usually prepared by pre-soaked shredded dried pollack. The soup is seasoned with salt (소금) and pepper (후추). It also contains tofu cubes and silky-smooth egg ribbons.

3. Soup with Congealed Oxblood 선지 해장국

Although the name of this soup does not sound appetizing, it has a mildly irony flavor. The texture of congealed oxblood (소피) is smooth with the texture of firm (단단한) pudding. The soup stock is made by boiling ox bones (뼈) and is seasoned with soybean paste (된장).

4. Pufferfish Soup 복국

Pufferfish has to be prepared only by licensed chefs who have received intense (극심한) training to eliminate the toxin from the fish. Most restaurants offer this soup in spicy (매운 맛) and non-spicy version (안 매운맛). Usually, the non-spicy version is preferred for those seeking to chase their hangover. This dish is especially popular in Busan (부산).

5. Pork Spine Soup 뼈해장국

This is a rich and spicy pork soup with meaty chunks of pork spine (등뼈). Another name for this dish is gamjatang (감자탕). It is usually served communal style in a large pot an is dished out into individual portions in earthenware bowls to make sure its piping hot until the end of the meal. Locals usually mix the rice (밥) in the broth (국물) while enjoying this dish.

6. Golden Freshwater Clam Soup 재첩국

This dish is a specialty in Gyeongsangnamdo Povince (경상남도). It is a clear soup made by boiling golden freshwater clams and simply seasoned with salt (소금). Although the clams are small in size compared to other clam species (조개류) but they are just as sweet (달콤한) and release lots of flavors (맛) to the broth (국물).

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