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5 Best Apps To Learn Korean for Beginners

Best Apps To Learn Korean for Beginners

In today's day and age learning Korean can be done anytime and anywhere.

From the comforts of your couch to the commute to work, knowledge is accessible at your fingertips via the internet and other apps.

With so many sources around, it can feel a little overwhelming sometimes but don't worry.

We'll help you out.

Here are 5 best apps to learn Korean for beginners.

1) Duolingo

Best Apps To Learn Korean for Beginners

Duolingo is an easy to use app that allows you to learn over 20 languages effectively.

The app is simple to use and easy to understand helping users learn new words and expressions with ease.

If you want an entertaining way to learn Korean for beginners, this is it.

Most of the activities are gamified, making them fun and exciting.

Duolingo also offers you the option to listen to each word or expressions to make sure that you learn how to pronounciate the words correctly.

The app starts off easy by introducing basic words, phrases and sentences on a daily basis.

It then gradually works on improving your vocabulary and grammar.

The gradual increase in difficulty doesn't seem that drastic and it's done by completing lessons and quiz based on the words and phrases that you've already learned.

Best of all you can schedule when you'd want to study your lessons!

Set an alarm through Duolingo and never forget your daily practice again.

Duolingo is free however it also has a Plus option that gets rid of ads and offers you access to lessons without being online.

It is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Find more information about Duolingo and download the app here.


Best Apps To Learn Korean for Beginners

If you are travelling to Korea and plan on knowing the language to make your trip easier, Bravolol is your best bet.

The best things about Bravolol is that you don't need an internet connection to access the app making it convenient when travelling to Korea.

When you are on the road or sightseeing, it can be difficult to find WI-FI access unless you have mobile data.

The app also offers authentic pronunciation that you can listen and practice with.

Bravolol is able to record and determine whether your pronunciation is correct or needs some tweaking.

How cool is that!

You can also look for phrases or words.

Find a phrase that you like or want to remember, you can store and manage them on the app.

Learning Korean as a beginner can be nerve wreaking sometimes but through Bravolol, you can learn necessary words and expressions without feeling pressured.

Not sure if you really need to learn Korean while travelling to South Korea?

Here are some reasons why we think learning the language helps you travel better.

Available for both Apple and Android.

Want to know more about Bravolol?

You can find more information and download the app here.

3) TenguGo Hangul

Best Apps To Learn Korean for Beginners

If you think all the examples so far a quite advanced and you want something to help you out with the basics, TenguGo Hangul is what you're looking for.

TenguGo Hangul helps you learn and practice Korean vowels and consonants with ease.

TenguGo provides lessons for 5 languages and you are given 2 options to learn Korean.

You can either choose to learn Hangul or Korean Vocabulary.

The app lets you learn Hangul at your own pace through lessons, flashcards and quizzes.

TenguGo hangul even gives you insight into the history and structure of Hangul.

The app makes sure you're able to read and write Hangul by incorporating animations and audio for fast and effective absorption of knowledge.

Available for both Apple and Android.

You can find more information about TenguGo Hangul here.

4) HiNative

Learning techniques are unique and specific for each learner.

Some might prefer to study on their own while others prefer learning in a group setting.

HiNative is a great tool if you prefer the later.

HiNative works by having a community where you can post a question to and a person who speaks the language will get back to you with a suitable answer.

This is done with many different languages from English to French to German.

HiNative in not conventional by any means and it can sometimes take a day to get your reply but it will provide you with the most human-sounding answer possible.

Plus you get to be part of a community that is eager to learn from one another.

Just like how you want to learn Korean, other people would want to learn your native language too.

This will be a great opportunity for you to engage with one another.

HiNative is made available for both Apple and Androids.

You can look into more information and download options for HiNative here.

5) Drops: Learn Korean language and Hangul alphabets

Full of fun and attractive visuals like animation and illustrations, Drops is a great way to learn Korean for beginners.

All the new verbs are 100% illustrated which reduces the chances of you using another language to identify and then translate.

Plus each session is only 5 minutes long!

The short duration of each session that gamified is both fun and addictive which is key in learning a new language.

You'll need to be interested in it so that you can retain the information.

You do have to remember that Drops only offers verbs.

There aren't any grammar or expressions.

So if you want to expand your vocabulary and know more words, this is the ideal app for you.

Drop is available for both Apple and Android.

Looking to download Drop?

Head over here.

When you are learning Korean, we recommend understanding which study method do you respond to best and try to go with that.

By doing so you get to experience the new language your prefered way and not feel pressured or discouraged if you can't progress well.

Good luck with learning Korean!

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