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6 Most Trendy Korean Stationery Brands 한국에서 제일 잘 나가는 문구류 브랜드

Those Korean Youtubers who vlogs desk makeovers, study with me, note-taking videos have captivated the heart of many youngsters.

Their beautiful stationery’s always look so satisfying to watch, leaving us wondering what stationery do they use.

Well, here are the 6 most trendy Korean Stationery Brands that you might want to purchase as soon as you see it!

1. Appree 어프리

This brands aims to cultivate an appreciation for nature (자연) by creating nature-themed (자연 테마) products.

One of their most famous (유명한) products (제품) is the Leaf Sticky Notes.

All of their designs come in different sizes (크기) making it suitable for many people. It can be used as memos of decorative (장식) accents on your diary or journal.

2. Dong-A 동아

Dong-A was established (설립되다) in year 1946 and was the first stationery company in South Korea.

They have remained as a major manufacturer of office equipment (사무용품) over the years.

They have the Miffy Scented Gel Pens which have sweet scents when writing.

Their Anyball Ballpoint Pen is also a high-performing product.

3. Hwarang 화랑

Hwarang is an eraser (지우개) manufacturer and has been developing high-quality erasers and other art supplies (미술 용품) ever since year 1950.

It is a widely recognized brand among students (학생) and artists (아티스트) and bought by them often.

4. Monami 모나미

Monami Korea is another major manufacturer for office supplies, specializing in writing instruments (필기도구).

They have awesome fountain pens (만년필) that are in hexagonal (육각형) designs and in vintage-inspired body colors.

They also have many other colored pens and highlighters making it highly recommended to purchase for notetaking.

5. Suatelier 슈아뜰리에

The products from Suatelier are characterized by their fun and whimsical (변덕스러운) styles.

They have different varieties of stickers and sticky notes which are suitable for embellishing (꾸밈) letters, decorating notebooks or calendars (달력).

Their stickers comes in wide varieties of shapes (모양), colors (색) that pair well with their stylish abstract planner designs.

6. Iconic Design 아이코닉 디자인

This brand creates practical (현실적인) as well as stylish products.

They have these cute and aesthetic diary stamps that you can use to add quick decorations to your planners (플래너) or journals (다이어리).

It is suitable for those who are not so good at drawing (그리기) but want these designs in your journal.

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