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Exclusive Tips To Study In Korea 한국에서 공부할 때 꼭 알아두어야 할 점

For all the foreign or transfer students out there, here are some exclusive tips to study in Korea! Many of you guys have some difficulties adapting to a new environment and find it hard to socialize due to the gap in culture and habits. These tips may have you with the first step to walk out of your comfort zone and get used to the new environment.

1. Understanding Cultural Norms 문화 규범 습득

Before you do anything like you did in your country, it is best to remain quiet and observe (관찰) their culture.

It is considered rude (무례) to eat loudly with you mouth open.

Besides, you should also try to observe and learn proper drinking protocols based on hierarchy.

And, Koreans don’t tip as well.

2. Learn Korean History 한국 역사 알기

Korea’s ancient (고대) history has a rich line of royalty (왕족), wars (전쟁), battles (전투) and other admiral’s.

By learning more of the Korean history, you will be able to understand their culture (문화) more and the current state of the country.

It may also help in befriending Korean people if they know your understanding towards their history.

3. Explore Your Neighborhood 주변 탐색하기

If you happen to have extra time (여유 시간) without being busy with school or studies, you can take the chance to visit the neighborhood you’re staying at.

It will help you be more independent (독립) instead of relying too much on strangers or new friends (새 친구).

You can also visit other rural areas (시골) that are further away during long semester breaks (방학) and discover some nice places in Korea.

4. Find New Friends 새 친구 찾기

Finding new friends when you are new to the environment (환경) may help you feel more at ease.

It may be uncomfortable without your family and friends to be around.

These friends will bring you to nice places to eat and experience (경험) the Korean culture (문화).

They can also help in practicing (연습) your Korean language.

5. Understand Prices 가격 알아놓기

South Korea is one of the countries that are known to have higher prices when coming to living expenses (생활비), groceries (식료 잡화류) or utilities (유용).

It is very crucial to set a budget for yourself and make sure you stick to it.

It determines your capability (능력) to survive (생존) and ensure your bills are paid on time as these are the sources that affects your income.

6. Understanding Seasons 계절 이해

Another tip is to understand the seasons (계절) and weathers (날씨).

South Korea is one of the countries where people tend to find it difficult to tolerate (참다).

The change in weather is quite drastic when season changes in South Korea.

This will ensure you get suitable clothing (의류) before the weather (날씨) changes.

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