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New Korean Class Intake for Beginners in Malaysia Starting This October 2019

Been wanting to learn Korean in Malaysia but haven’t found the right opportunity? Do you want to learn Korean online?

We have good news for you as you no longer have to wait until you turn wrinkly and ancient to join our classes! 

The long awaited news of the Korean beginner class (sprout level) is finally here for you beginning this October 2019.

After much preparation, Yoon Ssam is finally ready to start a new class just for beginners! The class is not only open for adult learners but junior learners can join in the fun too!

However, priorities will be given to all those who have been patiently waiting on our ‘waiting list’. Due to this, there are only  limited slots left. 

Therefore, we want to encourage you to quickly contact us to join our new intake class as we don’t want you to miss out again!

The schedule of the new beginner class is as follows:

  • Onsite class or Livestream-  Tuesday, 7.00 pm (GMT +8)
  • Livestream only – Tuesday, 9.00pm (GMT +8)

Feel free to drop us a message to secure yourself a seat! See you soon!

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