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Korean Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Korean Phrases?

As a social learning platform focusing on ‘learning by doing’, you would be pleased to know that on uBitto, you can get access to over 4000+ practice quizzes, with new quizzes being updated weekly.

Each quiz targets different aspects of language learning. For example, to improve Speaking, there are plenty of speaking-focused quizzes to test your pronunciation and speed. There are also Match The Words, Drag The Words, Puzzle, Fill In The Blanks, Dictation, just to name a few.

These quizzes are perfect for someone reviewing for TOPIK or self-learners.

Let’s do a quick test and see if you have mastered these basic Korean phrases. There are 5 different categories for you to try from. You simply pick your answer from the given choices and click on “Check” to see if you’re right.

Take this quiz to find out if you know your Korean phrases well!

Korean Greetings + Korean Common Phrases

[h5p id=”348″]

Daily Use Phrases – Lost in Korea

[h5p id=”349″]

Daily Use Phrases – Eating in Korea

[h5p id=”350″]

Daily Use – Shopping

[h5p id=”351″]

Daily Use – Emergency

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