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Tips on Learning Korean Quickly 한국어 빨리 배울수있는 꿀팁

This is one commonly asked question from my live class learners – “Ssam, how do I learn Korean or progress quickly?” Although I don’t encourage learners to rush through the process, there are a couple of things you can do to keep up a steady learning momentum. Here are some tips on how to learn Korean quickly!

1. Flip Books 단어장

Every time you learn a new word (단어), you can write it down on your flip book. A flip book is tiny booklet which makes it efficient to bring around wherever you go. You can always write down words you came across while watching a drama or scrolling through social media. Writing also helps you to retain the information better.

2. Buy A Korean Conversational Book 회화책을 사다

It is recommended to get a Korean conversational book if you want to improve quickly. If you already know how to read, it is even better. You can rehearse the conversations (대화) and internalise the grammar and vocabs used. Practice until you don’t need to look at the scripts (대본) before moving on to a new book.

3. Befriend Local People 현지인이랑 친구 사귄다

This may seem hard if you’re not in Korea. One way to do this is when you visit a restaurant owned by a local Korean, create conversations (대화) with them. It may seem awkward (어색) but they will definitely be more than happy to meet someone who can speak in their mother  language (모국어).

4. Watching Korean Channels 한국채널 보기

This shouldn’t be a problem for many learners! Start off by watching K-dramas and slowly capturing (포착) phrases. If you feel a little more confident, watching variety shows (예능 프로그램) would be a level harder but it will help in improving your language skills as it consists of a more natural (자연스러운) conversation.

5. Dictation 듣고 바로 쓰는 연습을 하라

Writing is necessary (필요) while studying Korean language. However, it is more useful to practice both listening and writing together (dictation). If you want to live in Korea, there will be more occasions (상황) where you will need these skills concurrently. Watch a Korean drama, use bilingual subtitles so you can more easily verify spelling and words, pausing frequently and writing down what you hear. Then, compare your writing with the actual words.

6. Subscribe to a YouTube Channel 유튜브 채널에 구독하기

There are lots of YouTube channels which you can learn for free (무료) from. Many of these YouTubers teach quite well and can guide (안내) you as a beginner (초보자) up to intermediate levels. Watch one short video a day to keep the learning momentum going daily.

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