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CHEESIEST Korean Pick Up Lines

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Ever wondered what’s grater than cheese? Pick up lines! (If you understood that pun, just know that I like your sense of humour and here’s a gold star!)

In all honesty though, as cringey and cheesy pick up lines can be, how can you resist not slipping one out from your mouth?

Pick up lines are the best when it comes to making new friends (yes, not every relationship has to be romantic) or wanting to be closer with someone because….you get to show off your amazing jokes!

Personally, I am a huge fan of puns and pick up lines and anything quirky and anything that makes me laugh.

A person comes up to me complimenting my looks with the lamest pick up line? Bring it on! I mean, it is the thought that counts right?

As everyone knows, 소개팅 or sogaeting which means “Blind Dating” is something really common in Korea.

Basically, going on a blind date is where you hang out with someone either introduced by a mutual friend or someone completely new for the first time.

Then, whatever happens after is pretty self explanatory : you either go with the flow, or you get some serious business done! Like..*ahem*… serious business meetings for the company! Nothing dirty here, everything is age-appropriate!

Jokes aside, for some people, going on blind dates is sometimes viewed as a form desperation; which I think is definitely not the case!

It’s just a simple date, be it platonic or romantic; and you get to meet various types of people and learn about interesting differences between us human beings.

Even if things don’t end up the way you planned, at least the both of you can still keep in contact and you gain a new friend! Sounds like a useful experience doesn’t it?

Sooooo…I have dug up the internet, about basically every single detail (okay not EVERY detail but you know what I mean) from my Korean friends and even from some of your favourite K-Dramas on the types of pick up lines that are not only used by your beloved oppas or noonas on the big screen; but also by the youngsters in Korea right now!

Grab a pen and notebook if you will and take them down for future references.

As much as you say you don’t want to, don’t lie to me. You know you want to 😉 *wiggles eyebrows* Besides that, get your hand ready for an intense amount of face palming because..well.. I like pure torture and this topic just happens to be one of them hehehehe!!

Disclaimer : Please don’t actually use this as a reference to find love because I’m really not the right person to help for that LOL but if you want to, then feel free to do so~

Now, without further ado, let’s get started! *DRUMROLL…….


거기 안 아파요? 천국에서 떨어질 때?geogi an apayo? cheongukehseo ddeoreojil ddae?

Ah.. yes.. the all time famous line that EVERYONE has heard of.

The good ol’ “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Well, there’s a Korean version which is this sentence right here and it literally means : Doesn’t it hurt there (referring to any body part)? When you fell from heaven?

Apparently, it’s a hot joke right now among Korean students specifically in high school and uni. OMO! Talk about absolute heart eyes!

Rating : 7/10

Blind Date worthy ? Yes! Because it’s so common, sure people won’t literally fall for it but hey it’s funny, cliché, predictable and definitely helps break the ice a little~


남 (guy) : 응급처치 할 줄 아세요?Can you do first aid?

여 (lady) : 왜요?Why?

남 (guy): 당신이 제 심장을 멎게 하거든요!You make my heart stop!

Wow…I just..this one…wow… High school students come up with this? Really? I fully salute this! Cheesy? Check. Romantic? Somewhat, I guess? Funny? Check.

Rating : 8/10

Blind Date worthy? Definitely. No other explanations needed. Especially if it’s used towards a medical student, suuuperrr duuperrr cliché; but super duper worth trying for a good laugh!


메시 좋아하세요? – messi johahaseyo?

All I know is, if you’re a huge K-Drama fan; say no more.

There is NO WAY. No way at all that you won’t know this all time, greatest most quirkiest pick up line.

Basically this means : Do you like Messi? Yes. Literally, the football player. Lionel Messi. This line is from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, a drama from 2016.

Long story short : Bok Joo who has no clue about boys at all falls for a doctor which then resolved into her getting advice from her best friend Nan Hee; and eventually asking this question to the attractive man.

Because, according to her most guys are into football and meeting an equally sporty girl? That’s considered a free pass to their hearts already!

“메시 좋아하는 여자하고는 술 한 잔쯤 하고 싶다,이런 마음이 생기는거거든!”, “I’d like to have a drink with a girl who likes Messi!” – What most men think, according to Jung Nan Hee, 2016.

This line has accumulated so much fame to the point where they even have just the audio version of it on various lipsync apps for people to make cute videos with attractive filters for their social media!

Rating : 5/10

Blind Date worthy : Cute, sure but it’s old. Move along!


라면 먹고 가실래요? ramyeon meokgo gasillaeyo?

Again, another famous line from a drama that stole millions of hearts worldwide : What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim!

The context behind this pick up line is when Mi So attended to Young Joon’s scar after showing up at her place unexpectedly, she then dropped the whole bomb of “would you like to eat ramen?” to her boss whom she loved so dearly! (not really though, well at first at least).

Young Joon spoke of the whole scenario the next day to his best friend, Yoo Sik who then said it’s a “BIG DEAL” because : “If a woman says ‘do you want to eat ramen before you leave’ to a man, they’re pretty much saying ‘we’re dating now!'” – Park Yoo Sik, 2018.

Well, I certainly didn’t know that. Did you? :O

Rating : 4/10

Blind Date worthy? Not really :/ How would you know if the girl just really wanted to have some ramen? For example : Mi So LOL


남 ( guy) : 피곤하시겠어요you must be tired.

여 (lady) : 왜요?why?

남 (guy) : 하루 종일 제 머리속에서 돌아다니니까요because you’ve been running through my head all day

Did you cringe at this? I surely did, but this is genius no doubt! Haha.

The amount of cheese and flavour in this, the way the flow kind of makes sense causes this pick up line to actually sound good.

Again, flirty stuff like this is generally famous and used the most by people from their 20’s – 30’s via Korea’s top mobile messenger app : KakaoTalk.

With approximately 40 millions users and growing, it is one of the biggest platforms where youngsters go on to chat with friends or get closer with whoever they exchanged contacts with from blind dating apps!

Rating : 9/10

Blind Date worthy : Hell yes. It’s funny and well thought!


너와 함께한 시간 모두 눈부셨다, neowa hamkkehan sigan modu nunbusyeotdaevery moment i spent with you shined,

날이 좋아서, nari johaseo, – because the weather was good,

날이 좋지 않아서, nari johji anhaseo, – because the weather was bad,

날이 적당해서, nari jeokdanghaeseo, – and because the weather was good enough,

모든 날이 좋았다. modeun nari johatda. – i loved every moment of it.

Recognise this? Pfft. Of course you do.

Expressed beautifully towards our lovely Eun Tak from the hunky immortal Kim Shin. An amazing pair, don’t you think?

For those who don’t know, this is from the K-Drama Goblin which snatched our wigs before we could even say a word. Yes, it’s that good and maybe a few tears were shed occasionally? But shhh, you don’t know that 😉

Sentimental? Yes. Emotional? Yes. Cheesy? Obviously LOL

Rating : 8/10

Blind Date worthy? Yes. Though this line is really well known, that’s what makes it nice to use because hey, who doesn’t love Gong Yoo?

And as I said, it’s actually very sentimental and poetic and cute!

Even if you don’t wanna use it seriously, it is also a perfect way for breaking the awkward ice and just having a laugh!

I now conclude this post about some of the cheesiest Korean pick up lines!

Use it in real life if you must, there’s no restrictions woohooo and do feel free to share this with your friends and family and just with anyone else at all!

What do you think about pick up lines in general?

ou are most welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you for reading!

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