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5 Unique Korean Technologies 한국이 개발한 독특한 기술 5가지

Korea is among the world’s most technologically advanced and digitally connected countries. Check out some of these cool devices from Korean companies and learn some new vocabs along the way!

1. The “Rollable” TV 세계 최초 롤로볼 TV

This is a LG flatscreen (평면 스크린) TV which is one of the new technologies in Korea. The TV itself is flexible and is able to roll up and fit into a rectangular (직사각형) speaker with just a click of a button (버튼). It is able to do 50 thousand rolls which is equivalent to 4 rolls and unrolls a day for the next 32 years. It is also extremely quiet while rolling in and out of the speaker.

2. Samsung Smart Trainer 삼성 스마트 트레이너

This technology is a feature (특징) for the Samsung TV. It is an innovative smart trainer which allows the user to use their TV as a personal trainer. The sensors (감지기) from the TV will track and analyze (분석) the users live posture (자세). This technology will help the user to focus on their forms and provide the best workout possible.

3. Walking Car Technology 걸어다니는 자동차

The Walking Car Technology was created by Hyundai Motor (현대자동차). It is the first ultimate mobility (유동성) vehicle called ELEVATE (엘리베이트). This car is able to travel through terrains (지역) such as stairs up to 5 feet high and useful for search and rescue operations (구조 작업). It also allows people with disabilities or elderlies for easier transportation through their 4-sided vehicle access.

4. 3D Screen Monitors 3D스크린 모니터

3D glasses (안경) are usually needed for monitoring 3D effects (효과). However, this 3D screen monitor created by Korean startup MOPIC does not need any glasses to monitor 3D effects. They developed a program for the screen itself, this technology enables the camera to track down what the viewer is watching and adjust the pixels (픽셀) to accurately reach their eyes.

5. Smartphone Hearing Aid 휴대폰 보청기

The Korean startup SnailSound developed this application (앱) which allows smartphones to be used as a hearing aid. The app will collect surrounding sounds around the user and transforms (변환) the sound into what they can hear on real-time basis. The application will analyze the preferred sound (소리) from feedback through simple hearing tests (청력 테스트).

Did you come across any unique technology in Korea that made you go woah? Share and let us know!

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