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6 Creative Korean Innovations You Have to Try!

Are you always on the lookout for cool and creative innovations? Then this is the article for you!

According to the 2019 Bloomberg Innovation Index, South Korea has been ranked first place in the world for innovation!

We have found 6 creative and innovative items you can buy if you are visiting Korea! 

Peter Jensen Capsule 캡슐 Solution

This creative Korean innovation 혁신 comes in a blister pack with 5 different types of cleansing capsules – soap 비누, shampoo 샴푸, conditioner 린스, body wash and body lotion 바디 로션.

This product is perfect for those backpacking or traveling and don’t want to bring 5 different beauty products that will take up space. 

Besides the cleansing capsules, they also have skincare capsules which comes with 5 different types of skincare products – skin, lotion 로션, essence 에센스, cream 크림, and B.B cream 비비크림.

Click here if you are curious to see how these beauty capsules work.

La Pitta V-Nine Led Mask

This Korean innovation,  La Pitta V-Nine LED Mask is not your regular beauty mask but it is a face lifting mask. It helps those who have a sagging face and for those who have issues with dropping or elongated jawline. 

The infrared LED light and vibration massage from the mask helps lift the face and rejuvenates skin elasticity. For best results, use this mask 2-3 times a week, with a 10-minute session each time.

The product comes with an adjustable strap to suit different face sizes,  a USB cable for charging and a remote control to power on-off or to change modes.  

To better understand how the product works, click here to watch.

GT Sonic Ultrasonic 초음파 Cleaner

If you are lazy to manually wash your valuable items, don’t worry as this Korean innovation is here to help. 

The GT Ultrasonic Cleaner is a cleaning tank that is designed to remove dirt, oil, and grime from the tiniest spaces. 

This applies to items such as jewelry 보석, eyeglasses 안경, watches 시계, metal article and metal dishware. This cleaner is ideal for those working in jewelry, watch, clock and eyeglasses shops.

To watch the ultrasonic cleaner in action click here.

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Anti Stress Giant Enter Button 버튼

If you are always stressed out at work but you can’t punch anybody or even if you are stressed losing your game then you need to buy this creative Korean innovation 혁신. 

The giant enter key is not just an ordinary pillow to punch but you can connect it to your laptop where you can actually use the enter key!

This product works both on Windows and Mac computers컴퓨터.

Click here if you are curious to see how other people use this anti-stress gadget at work! 

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EGO hybrid 하이브리드 iPhone 아이폰 case 케이스

This is not your usual iPhone 아이폰 case 케이스 as this case comes with a slim USB flash drive.

The flash drive has a memory of  8 GB and is placed at the back of the phone cover. It can be easily removed and be used anytime. 

So now you don’t have to carry your USB flash drive around or worry about losing it. It will always be stuck to the back of your phone and you will never have to lose it again!

Click here to watch the review on this cool 2 in 1 iPhone case. 

A’pieu Messy Hair Essence 에센스 Tissue

We all have days where our hair is so oily and we don’t have time to wash but we still need to run out of the door!

And I know how frustrating dry shampoo can be at times because even after spritzing almost half of the bottle, you are still left with greasy hair.

Thankfully we’ve got another creative Korean innovation, hair tissues!

The pack comes with 10 tissues and is recommended to use on dry hair, working from the roots down to the tip.

This tissue does not only help you remove the hair oil and dirt but it also helps control your fly-away frizz! This tissue will not clog your hair follicles, unlike a dry shampoo.

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Have you tried any of these creative Korean innovations? If you haven’t what would you like to try? Let us know your thoughts!

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