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Top 10 Conglomerates in South Korea 한국의 10대 대기업

All of the K-drama lovers out there have definitely learned the Korean term “chaebol” which means conglomerates through K-dramas. There are always these dashing male leads from rich families that capture all the women's heart. So here are the top 10 South Korean conglomerates in real life.

1. Samsung Group 삼성그룹

Samsung Group is a South Korean manufacturing conglomerate which is headquartered (본사) in Seoul.

It consist of many affiliated businesses (계열사) with most of them united under the Samsung brand. It is the largest South Korean chaebol (재벌) and has the 8th highest global brand value.

2. SK Group SK 그룹

SK Group is a telecom (통신) company and the second largest chaebol (재벌) in South Korea right behind Samsung.

It’s largest businesses are involved in energy, petroleum (석유) and chemical industries (화학 산업).

They also own the largest wireless (무선) mobile phone service in the nation, SK Telecom (SK 텔레콤).

3. Hyundai Motor Company 현대자동차

Commonly known as Hyundai (현대), it is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer founded in year 1967.

They have a controlling stake in Kia (기아) and are the largest and second largest car manufacturers (자동차 제조업체) in the country respectively.

4. LG Corporation LG 주식회사

LG Corporation, which was also formerly known as Lucky-Goldstar (럭키금성) has been managed by successive generations of the family of founder Koo In-Hwoi (구인회).

This company makes electronics (전자 제품), chemicals (화학) and telecommunication products.

They operate subsidiaries (자회사) such as LG Electronics (LG전자), Zenith (제니스) and etc. in over 80 countries.

5. Lotte Corporation 롯데그룹

Lotte Corporation consist over 90 business units engaged in diverse industries such as fast food, retail (소매), tourism (관광 여행), manufacturing and etc.

They already have additional businesses in many other countries. Lotte also bought the largest candy company Wedel from Poland.

hey also own professional baseball team Lotte Giants (롯데 자이언츠).

6. POSCO 포스코

This is a steel-making company (철강 회사) from South Korea and is the fourth largest steelmaker (제강공) in the world.

They produce hot and cold rolled products, wire rods (선재), plates and other stainless-steel products meant for automotive shipbuilding (조선) and engineering industries.

7. Hanhwa Group 한화그룹

Hanhwa Group was founded in year 1952 as Korea Explosives company (한국화약회사).

They have grown into a large multi-profile business conglomerate from their original business, explosives as well as retail and financial (금융) services.

They have also evolved into a multi-industry manufacturing company in chemical (화확), defense (방위) systems and machinery products.

8. GS Group GS 그룹

This conglomerate consist of GS Holdings and other subsidiaries including GS Caltex, GS Sports and etc. GS Holdings was incorporated (통합) in year 2004 but split from LG Group few months later.

They are in the trading (무역) industry and plays an important role in trading fields in steel, coal (석탄), biomass and etc.

9. Hyundai Heavy Industries 현대중공업

This is the largest shipbuilding company in the world as well as a major heavy equipment (중장비) manufacturer.

They have a global business network in each of its three business units such as Shipbuilding and Offshore (조선과 해양), Naval and Special Ships (해군과 특수 선박), and Engine and Machinery (엔진과 기계류).

10. Nonghyup Bank 농협은행

This is an agricultural bank (농업 은행) that was established in year 2012 as detached from and now owned by the NCAF (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation).

This bank offers personal (개인) banking, corporate (기업) banking, card service and other financial services to private and corporate clients.

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