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K-ETA? Visa Needed For Traveling to Korea 한국여행 갈때 필요한 비자 K-ETA

Anyone anticipating to visit Korea during the pandemic? It’s now time to make dreams come true after a long wait. Korea has now open it’s borders and welcome foreigners. K-ETA is the Korean visa needed for foreigners to enter the country. Here are some information about K-ETA.

1. What is it? K-ETA가 뭐죠?

K-ETA stands for Korea Electronic Travel Authorization (전자 여행 허가 제도). It is an authorization for foreigners (외국인) from visa-free (비자 없이) countries to obtain before entering South Korea. Foreigners who are applying (신청) for this visa (비자) will need to submit relevant information online such as their travel information.

2. How to apply? 신청하는 방법

Go to the Welcome – K-ETA and choose your preferred language (언어). You will need to fill in your email (이메일), passport information (여권 정보), application information and lastly, proceed to payment (지불). They will also require a passport image and your passport size has photo should to be less than 100 kb.

3. Fees and Time 비용과 걸리는 시간

The fees for application of K-ETA is 10,000 KRW (만원) excluding any additional (추가) fees (비용). It is possible to apply for 30 people at once. You should apply for the K-ETA at least 72 hours prior boarding (탑승) flight bound for South Korea. The results is enabled to check through email or on the website within 24 hours.

4. Who needs to apply? 저도 신청해야 되나요?

Travelers (여행자) with nationality (국적) of Visa Waiver (비자 면제) countries are required to apply for K-ETA. If one is unable to receive a K-ETA, they will not be permitted to enter the country so it is highly recommended to apply early instead of waiting till the last minute.

5. How long does it last for? 얼마동안 유효한가요?

The validity period (유효기간) of a K-ETA is 2 years starting from the date of approval (승인). However, if the passport used for the K-ETA application is going to expire in less than 2 years, that K-ETA approval will only be valid until the passport (여권) expiration date (만료일).

6. Denied Application 거부된 신청

Travelers whose K-ETA application has been denied (거부당하다) should get in touch with the support team (고객 센터) from the website, either via phone or email (전화나 이메일). They can discuss their situation and obtain full details on the reason (이유) their application could have been denied.

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