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Top 5 Most Beautiful Korean University Campus

If you were to visit Korea, you will notice how their university campus is just not a place to pursue all things academic, but they also make perfect picturesque backdrops for some Insta-worthy shots.

In fact, most of the Korean university campus features beautiful architecture, beautiful parks, lakes, and nature.

Even if you are not a student, you can still visit the Korean university campus as it is open for the public. If you are planning to visit, do note that it is possible to spend half a day exploring and taking photos!

1. Kyung Hee University 경희대학교

Kyung Hee University  was established in 1949 in Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul. This university campus is widely considered one of the best private universities in Korea.

The well-groomed gardens, Gothic-style buildings, and its architectural style are reminiscent of a town in Europe. This Korean university campus has been voted as one of the most beautiful universities in Seoul.

The best times to visit the campus are definitely during spring and autumn, where the campus is full of cherry blossoms and autumn foliage.

Korean medicine studies and hotel administration are two of the most sought after majors at Kyung Hee University.

2. Ewha Woman’s University 이화여자대학교

The Ewha Women's University was founded in 1886 by Mary F. Scranton, an American missionary of the Methodist Episcopal Church under Emperor Gojong’s (the 26th king of the Joseon Dynasty) rule. 

It was Korea’s first educational institute for women, and also the world’s largest female educational institute.

The name Ewha which means “Pear Blossoms”, was given by the Emperor Gojong in 1887 as it was said that there was a grove of pear trees near Scranton’s home.

This Korean university campus is filled with cherry blossoms during spring and covered by autumn foliage in autumn. The landscape of Ewha’s campus will not let you down.

The recently completed ECC (Ewha Campus Complex; Basement level 6 – 1st Floor) is Korea’s largest underground campus. There is a library, bookstore, gym, movie theater, cafes on the lower levels while on the first level visitors can find lecture rooms and an eco-park.

The Ewha Womans University area is one of the most popular shopping districts in Seoul. Clothing stores in the area sell stylish yet affordable clothing for young people. 

3. Konkuk University 건국대학교

Konkuk University was established in 1945 and is one of the leading private universities located in Seoul and Chungju. The Seoul university campus is located near the Han River.

This Korean university campus has produced celebrity alumni such as Lee Min Ho, Choi Minho, and Lee Jungsuk

There is a lake in the middle of the university campus which lets you kayak while being surrounded by nature and tranquility. There is also various wildlife such as the geese, ducks, herons, pigeons, and sparrows at the lake.

Ilgam Lake at Konkuk University

4. Korea University 고려대학교

Korea University is established in 1905 and one of the oldest education institutions in Korea.

This Korea university campus is one of the top three in the country alongside Seoul University and Yonsei University – often referred to by locals as the “SKY” universities.

The campus is full of castle-like buildings, which are exceptionally beautiful especially when the winter snow blankets these buildings.

Winter in Korea University
Winter in Korea University

5. Sungkyungkwan University성균관대학교

Sungkyungkwan University was established in 1938. This Korean universiti campus was founded in the Joseon Dynasty to nurture its nobles in Chinese Classics and Confucian canons.

Up until today, many old buildings still remain in the university, like the Bicheondang that is already 600 years old!

Every autumn the leaves from the apricot trees fall and they have a delicate heart-shaped that carpet the campus ground in a golden yellow field.

Have you visited any of these stunning Korean university campuses? Do you know any other beautiful university campus? Let us know in the comments below!

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