• Jenny

    Dec 14, 2021 at 1:46 AM

    안녕하세요 @yoonssam 윤쌤,

    Thanks for fixing the issues I had with some of the writing quizzes. I actually found a couple more issues in a couple of the LEVS GRW Writing Quizzes below:

    1) Question 4 on Writing Quiz # 9 – It seems like the English translation does not match up with what was given in Korean. The English translation of the sentence was “Barnum gives a present to Carol“. However, in Korean the name given for Barnum was “재준 씨”. Should it have been “바넘 씨” in Korean?

    2) Question 1 on Common Greetings Writing Practice I – It said my answer was wrong when I typed “잘 지내요“. However, that is what I heard, and I think this answer is correct. I'm not sure why it's saying my answer is wrong.

    Please see the pdf files attached for more details on what I described above. When you get the chance, could you please take a look at these 2 issues I found?

    너무 감사합니다 ?!


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