• Jenny

    Feb 6, 2022 at 10:45 AM

    안녕하세요 @yoonssam 윤쌤,

    I actually found a couple more issues in a couple of the questions under the LEVS GRW Korean Expression Quizzes – Daily Use II Quiz below:

    1) Question 3 on Daily Use II Quiz – It seems like “쭉” was listed twice as an answer choice.

    2) Question 8 on Daily Use II QuizIt said my answer was wrong when I chose “True as the answer to the question “화장실이 어디예요? means where is the bathroom”. I’m not sure why it’s saying my answer is wrong.

    Please see the pdf files attached for more details on what I described above. When you get the chance, could you please take a look at these 2 issues I found?

    정말 감사합니다 !


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