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What's Inside

1. Overall Learning Curricular

This table shows in detail the duration it takes to achieve certain milestones when learning Korean with Yoon Ssam and the learning outcome from completing each level. 

2. Korean Vowels & Pronunciation

Using this template and Yoon Ssam’s How To Read Hangeul playlist, listen to how Yoon Ssam pronounce vowels and write it down in your own mother tongue.

3. Periodic Table of Hangeul

This is a handy sheet for beginners which gives you a complete overview of Korean alphabets – both vowels and consonants.

To learn how to pronounce them, watch: How To Read Hangeul by Yoon Ssam


4. Hangeul Chart

After learning how to pronounce Korean alphabets, do go through this chart at least once a day to practise! The faster you can recognise all the letters, the faster you’ll be when learning new concepts at a later stage.

5. Pronouns and Markers

Here, you have a simple chart which explores:
I: Subject particles
II: Possessive marker
III: Honorifics