Fun Korean For Elementary Children
Living in Gyeongsangnam-do,
 South Korea
Teaches Korean
Teaches using Korean, English
Level Coverage: Beginner
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About The Class

Why Learn Korean?

Did you know that Korean is considered a “critical language”? Critical language is a term used to describe languages where there is large demand for language professionals but little supply. We believe the earlier children learn Korean, the better positioned they will be for the future!

Korean is still not a widely taught language (as compared to English, Mandarin, Spanish etc). Because of this, there will always be a shortage of talents who can speak Korean. Learning Korean connects your child to greater opportunities in a 21st century global environment.

Date & Time

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This class does not have an end date.


Every Sat


20:30 -

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Meeting Method

Online Live Class

My Teaching Style

All children will be taught the Korean alphabet system (Hangul), pronunciation and basic conversational usages such as greetings, and self-introduction using methods that are appropriate to their age.

Classes will utilise enriched-play method, using songs and games which makes Korean language learning fun and hands-on. Through a creative curriculum, this program will help children develop Korean language skills as well as critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Children will explore colours, counting, family, body parts, animals and simple phrases.

Some of the goal achievements:

  • I can say hello and goodbye to peers and elders.
  • I can tell someone my name and ask someone’s name.
  • I can state my age and where I live.
  • I can recite pure Korean (1-10) and Sino Korean numbers.
  • I can ask how much something and be able to understand prices.
  • I can respond to yes/no questions.
  • I can ask someone questions about where they live, what school they go to and what they like and dislike.

Most importantly, we want to cultivate a passion for language learning and an appreciation for culture and history based on activity based learning.

Focus Area

Listening, Expression, Vocabulary, Speaking, Reading

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Things To Know

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Minimum age to join (years old)


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Materials Required


I use Fun Korean For Elementary Children Textbook Set 한글이 나르샤 5권 세트 (5 Books Set), that you can purchase directly from uBitto here.


Online Live Class : US$65
At Local Currency Rate
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Cancellation Policy

There will be no refund after signup is confirmed.

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Every Sat
~ 21:30PM


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Beginner Online Class

Engage in practical and interactive Korean learning online with other passionate learners. Sign up for January 2024 intake!