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Spoken by more than 75 million people around the world, knowing how to speak Korean gives you the opportunity to tap into the network of these global community and enhances your experience when travelling in Korea.

Now, let us show you how you can best make use of uBitto platform while walking you through each available features!

Let's begin!

First things first, start by doing the followings:

Update your profile

Make a good impression and help others address you better. Upload your profile and cover photo, answer a few questions about yourself and your learning journey – voila, you're good to go!

Test your language level

If you are not sure where to start or which level you are at, we recommend you take this Korean level test first! You can take it by clicking the button below or by clicking on ‘My Learning' on menu bar.

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uBitto Messenger allows you to send / receive text messages, files and documents to other learners or instructors.


Cookies are uBitto's in-house currency. You receive cookies reload when you subscribe to a paid membership. These cookies can be used to unlock premium quizzes in Playground and request validation.


This is a summary of your progress on Dashboard. You can level up and increase your social learning goal by completing a series of tasks designed to help you improve.

As a free Starter member, you can..

Get access to Guide on How To Read Korean

Learn with systematic and easy-to-follow free guide and receive certificates upon completion.

Build a profile or join free open community

Post your learning journey on your timeline or community groups that you belong to.

Practise with quizzes and track your progress

Purchase cookies to get access to targeted practice in uBitto Playground that provides immediate pin-pointed feedback on mistakes.

Practise or learn with a fluent instructor

Book sessions with a Practice Buddy to learn the language directly live or to brush up on Korean conversational skills.

Got it! Where do I go from here?

As a company founded by language teachers, imbalanced learning is a pressing issue faced by many language learners. For example, a language learner can read very well, but could not speak. Some can speak very well but could not write. Eventually, learner's passion will fade as imbalanced learning leads to lack of progress.

Hence, uBitto does not provide a one-size-fits-all plan for your language journey. We recognised the fact that everyone learns differently and has different strengths and weaknesses. We are here to ensure that your Korean language journey is balanced and most importantly, delivers results.

Self-Paced Learning

Who is this for

  • Adults or students
  • Comfortable to learn at their own pace

Get access to

  • Videos and materials in structured curriculum
  • Practice quizzes, updated weekly
  • Practice via speech recognition tech
  • Community groups with full instructor support

How are you validated

  • Assignments marked by native instructor or uBitto Crew
  • Automated validation from speech recognition tech and interactive quizzes

How to join

Sign up to be an Ultimate member.

Ready to step up?

You can gain unlimited access to much more exciting features and learning materials by upgrading your membership level.


Recommended for those who has learnt Korean and are looking to practice!


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Recommended for total beginners who want to learn Korean from scratch!


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Organisations / School / Institutes

For organisations looking to skill up their team. Want to sign up for more than 5? Let's talk! 

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