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Do you find yourself..

Struggling to speak fluently after years of learning? Reaching a plateau? Not getting enough practice?

Book a Practice Buddy

Practice Buddy is a person who is native or fluent in a language. You can book them to have conversational practice with and see improvements within few sessions. Afterall, the key to fluency lies in interaction.





About Practice Buddy


My English name is Rohan but you can call me Yoon Ssam or just Ssam [ssem].

I have a varied experience in teaching Korean, and I’ve worked with diverse learners for many years. My background includes planning and delivering lessons to children and adults. I give instructions in General Korean, Business Korean, Job Interview Practice, Exam Preparations, among others —all with the aim of helping students achieve their goals.

My Practice Style

In my 1 on 1 session, I make sure that students feel heard and understood. I share in a manner that encourage them to speak without the fear of making mistakes. Essentially, I center my attention towards the class’ objectives while taking into consideration my buddy’ level and preference.

Talk to you soon! 안녕!

Conversation Topic

Business, Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Dining, Free Flow, Health & Wellness, Sports, Test Preparation, Travel

Meeting Method



Online (30 minutes): US$25
Online (50 minutes): US$50


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