Korean Cooking Team-Building Experience


Looking for an interesting team-building activity in Penang? Our corporate team building Korean cooking class, hosted by Penang Korean Class’s principal instructor, Yoon Ssam makes for a unique corporate event and is a perfect way to build relationships with co-workers. Our group cooking classes are fun for all ages, all level of management and all genders.






There are no special skills required and everyone is on a level playing field. Team cooking involves plenty of communication and the kitchen is an ideal atmosphere for participants to really get to know each other and work together.

This activity is not only about learning how to cook a dish, but you’ll be able to have the opportunity to be exposed to Korean language and learning about Korean eating and dining culture.

You will be amazed how quickly you can express yourself with confidence and ease and be able to order food comfortably in a Korean restaurant.


For this team-building workshop, you will be making KIMBAP (김밥) – Korean seaweed rice roll. During the cooking session, you will also be learning Essential Korean Phrases When Cooking or Dining Out, a guide that you will definitely find useful when travelling to Korea.

The workshop will be conducted in English and Korean at an agreed Korean restaurant located in Penang.


1. This workshop is held in a NON-HALAL restaurant.
2. We are not liable for any accidents or self-injuries incurred during the workshop.
3. Workshop will start on time so please arrive 15 minutes earlier to register.


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