Yoon Ssam’s Korean Language Adventure Plan (Full Set)

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What better time to focus and pick up a language than now, when you’re spending more time confined at home? Don’t let the time go to waste. Yoon Ssam’s Korean Language Adventure Plan is the ultimate set of self-paced learning courses you’ll need to kickstart your learning journey.


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About This Course

It consists of:

  • Course access to Sprout Level 1, Sprout Level 2 and Sprout Level 3 with class recordings
  • Exclusive access to Sprout Level 1, 2 and 3’s Community Group and Forum
  • Instructor support with assignment marking and feedback

How It Works

  • You will be watching the class videos available in each lesson, at your own pace, starting from Sprout Level 1.
  • With each lesson, there will be assignments. You will submit the assignments through the Community Group forum for instructor to mark.
  • Instructor will mark and provide feedbacks on your submitted work.
  • You can ask questions and interact with other fellow learners either through forum or group chat.

When you think of courses, you will be thinking that you’re walking this journey alone. Not with uBitto.

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About The Instructor

Yoon Jung Hyun (Yoon Ssam) is the founder of uBitto and principal teacher of Penang Korean Class. As an experienced Korean language teacher of close to 10 years, he has extensive experience teaching Hangeul to learners of all age groups – ranging from 10-65 years. He is best known for his teaching methods – incorporating active learning and participation in his classes as well as bringing learning out from the classroom, in this case, making learning accessible from everywhere.

What You Will Need

You will need a computer, mobile phone and a fairly strong wifi connection.


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