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Do you find yourself..

Struggling to speak fluently after years of learning? Reaching a plateau? Not getting enough practice?

Book a Practice Buddy

Practice Buddy is a person who is native or fluent in a language. You can book them to have conversational practice with and see improvements within few sessions. Afterall, the key to fluency lies in interaction.




About Practice Buddy

Annyeonghaseyo. I’m Cora from Penang, Malaysia. I’m currently a media communication student and I study in South Korea. I’m here to help you to improve your Korean Language! Let me be your practice buddy !!

My Practice Style

I use references from mostly Kdrama’s scripts for example DOTS, ITAEWON CLASS and etc. I will use some textbooks too if needed. Some are taken from k pop’s songs as well as I feel that songs can help one spark their interest more in the Korean language as well.

Conversation Topic

Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Dining, Free Flow, Travel

Meeting Method



Online (30 minutes): US$10
Online (50 minutes): US$16


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