Practice Korean with Luvern


Do you find yourself..

Struggling to speak fluently after years of learning? Reaching a plateau? Not getting enough practice?

Book a Practice Buddy

Practice Buddy is a person who is native or fluent in a language. You can book them to have conversational practice with and see improvements within few sessions. Afterall, the key to fluency lies in interaction.




About Practice Buddy

안녕하세요 ~
Hello, Luvern here 🙂
Born and bred in Malaysia, before move out of the country to enrol for korean language program in one of the universities in Seoul. Little did I know, I could achieved so much, all thanks to the awesome people that I met along the way.

Now, it is the time to pass on the greatness ..
You know, two is better than one 백지장도 맞들면 낫다 😉
Let’s embark on the journey of korean learing together!!

My Practice Style

– Listening [ inputs are needed before producing any output, right? 🙂 ]
– Start with things that learners are interested in [ play is a must 😛 ]

Conversation Topic

Free Flow, Travel

Meeting Method



Online (30 minutes): US$9
Online (50 minutes): US$15


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