Practice Korean with Yoon Jung


Do you find yourself..

Struggling to speak fluently after years of learning? Reaching a plateau? Not getting enough practice?

Book a Practice Buddy

Practice Buddy is a person who is native or fluent in a language. You can book them to have conversational practice with and see improvements within few sessions. Afterall, the key to fluency lies in interaction.




About Practice Buddy


My name is Yoon Jung.  You can call me just Yoon or Ms.Jung.

I am a fully certified Korean Language teacher 🙂

I have a varied experience in teaching Korean, and I’ve worked with diverse learners for many years. My background includes planning and delivering lessons to any age range of learners with vary aims.

My Practice Style

Take advantage of 1 on 1 lesson! Any style can be personalized.

If you are in Ipoh, the in-person lesson is highly recommended for the extra benefits.

Conversation Topic

Free Flow, Entertainment, Food & Dining, Travel, Sports

Meeting Method

Online, In-person


Online (30 minutes): US$15
Online (50 minutes): US$22
Onsite (50 minutes): US$25

Usually Available On

Mon, Tue
For more details schedule, click on “Book Practice Session”


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