Practice Pass (Annual)


Level up your Korean with fun practice quizzes! Hundreds of learners have advanced their language skills with weekly practice quizzes from uBitto. It’s your turn now.

✓ Access to over 4000+ practice quizzes upon signup.
✓ Access to Learning Dashboard to track progress.

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How does it work?

1 – Subscribe monthly or purchase Practice Pass for access to weekly updated quizzes. Pause or cancel anytime.
2 – Practice and test your progress with all 7 quizzes representing different aspects. New quizzes are added weekly.
3 – Track your progress with Dashboard and assess your level for more improvement. Get recommendation on what to improve.

If you can relate to these, this Practice Pass is for you:

✓ I’ve been learning Korean on my own, but I’m still lacking in certain aspects.
✓ I’m good in writing, but weak in speaking. Good in grammar, but need improvements in vocab.
✓ I want to constantly be exposed to Korean language in different ways.

How can quizzes help

✓ Retain knowledge for longer time – It is impossible to improve without practicing regularly. Daily practice is what makes some learners pick up the language at an incredible rate. As illustrated, multiple reviews after learning are needed to retain the knowledge for a much longer time.
✓ Time-efficient practice – Truly effective Korean practice doesn’t take much time at all. You don’t have to spend hours sitting at your desk cramming as many facts as possible.
✓ Just 10 minutes a day – The idea of daily 10-minutes quiz is to help you incorporate practice effortlessly into your daily lives, creating consistent exposure to the language.

Ready to start your practice journey?

Annual Pass – $45.00 / year


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