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Korean Beginner III (Sprout) is a 20-week Korean lesson series for beginner-intermediate learners. It consists of 20 live recorded sessions of the recently completed Sprout Level 3. You’ll be able to learn at your own pace by watching both teaching and learners’ interaction through the recorded sessions.


  • Completed Sprout Level 1 and 2 or,
  • Know at least 70% of topics covered in Sprout Level 1 and 2,
  • Understand basic Korean grammar concepts such as A=B and A/=B structure, 업서요, 없어요,
  • Understand Sino numbers and native numbers.

PLUS! Get plenty of exercises and quizzes designed based on  repetitive spaced out learning  upon each week’s completion.

How It Works
1. Add Korean Beginner III (Sprout) to cart and check out.
2. After your enrolment is confirmed, you will get access to entire Korean Beginner III (Sprout) with all learning materials and videos as well as access to its community group.

Happy Learning!


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